Education forms an important aspect of my practice. I have worked as a facilitator with Kettle’s Yard, Bow Arts London, Aspex Portsmouth, Newlyn Art Gallery, and The Box Plymouth designing materials as well as developing and delivering many enjoyable projects and workshops, both long and short term, in schools, museum/gallery settings, and the community.

I am a qualified Arts Award advisor and Philosophy for Children practitioner.

Any schools or arts organisations interested in working together should feel free to contact me at


Learning Facilitator at The Box 

I am part of the team of Learning Facilitators at The Box, Plymouth. This role consists of delivering workshops for a popular school’s programme on a wide range of subjects and to all levels of education and ability, as well as family workshops during holidays

We aim to empower children to ask questions and to find answers through their own enquiries; while inspiring imaginations and often introducing and discussing important themes such as decolonisation and environmental issues.

Descriptions of Space at North Cambridge Academy.

Joining the education team at Kettle’s Yard and a Year 8 class at North Cambridge Academy, I worked with the class over multiple sessions, instructing on design process, representing space, and thinking about the possibilities of paper as a material to create an interactive map of the school how they see it.

Newlyn Art Gallery Arts Award 

Following the pandemic lockdown in 2020 I was concerned by the impact this was having on children’s education.

I worked with Newlyn Gallery to create an Arts Award for Newlyn Primary School that would complement the project the gallery had worked on with the school, installing National Collection artworks in the school. A video was also produced to guide students through some of the Arts Award as in-person workshops wouldn’t be possible:

Guide To Lansbury Lawrence Primary School. 

This Modernist primary school was originally designed and built as part of the 1951 Festival of Britain, and includes architectural features and ceramic murals by artist Peggy Angus throughout the building.

I worked with Year 6 and Bow Arts for a term-long project to create a guide to the school, helping the class to learn about, appreciate and be proud of the school they come from. I delivered a number of workshops over multiple visits to encourage the pupils in the creation of each aspect of the guide including: illustration; design; layout through a creative paper folding workshop; structure of the guide through theatrical ‘tour-guide’ performances; and writing including Haiku-style writing on location.

Tate Exchange

The Arbury Carnival, a long-running community event in North Cambridge, takes over a floor of the Tate Modern; asking visitors to reflect on and create an image based on what community is to them.

As part of a Tate Exchange project curated by Nicholas Osbourne. I was asked to deliver a workshop using a fabric-printing technique I developed for the day. So that visitors of the Tate Modern and their families could contribute a square of fabric that was later sewn together and formed great puppets for the Arbury Carnival!

Twilight at The Museums. 

Activity resource created for Kettle’s Yard’s late night opening event. The small handout provided an easy and cost effective yet visually exciting and engaging way to explore the galleries after dark.

Including things to find, prompts for exploration and observation.


Space A Learning Resource for Kettle’s Yard 

I was very proud to have been asked to contribute to Space the latest learning resource published by Kettle’s Yard. I provided writing for the booklet on Alfred Wallis, a key artist in the Kettle’s Yard collection (and my favourite painter!) As well as contemporary painter Caroline Walker who had an exhibtion in the galleries in 2018

The resources include artist biographies, key educational points and activity ideas. If you are an educator or educational organisation, hard copies of the book can be requested from Kettle’s Yard. A PDF can be viewed and downloaded HERE. Other resources in the series include Light and Nature.

Kettle’s Yard Arts Award Activity Booklets 

As part of the educational offering at Kettle’s Yard these special activity booklets both help children engage with the collection but have also been designed in such a way so that by completing the booklet they will have earned a Discover Arts Award. To coincide with other learning resources the booklets are based on Kettle’s Yard’s special qualities of Light, Space and Nature. These booklets offer a unique way to get more from a visit to the gallery.