Kind Things

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Kind Things, a gathering of objects and artworks brought together to encourage interaction with art, care, thoughtful observation and creativity.


The project took place while I was living in Tokyo, and was a chance for me to meet and work with artists in Japan and take inspiration from the culture and places I visited. As well as exploring further influences and ideas. Pulling these threads together to create a curated space. I wrote an article about the project for the Topipittori Blog.


The exhibition included artwork by David Booth, Chie Chihiro, Angela Cockayne, Michael Dumontier, Camilla Engman, Adam Higton, Rob Hodgson, Shun Kadohashi, Jo-Shin Lee, Emma Lewis, Micah Lexier, Joe Lyward, Takahiro Murahashi, Celia Pym, SHOKKI, Tsuyoshi Yazawa and Saki Yamamoto.
With picturebooks selected by Kotonoha Books and objects by poubelle.
A catalogue of the exhibition is available HERE

The Tokyo exhibition was followed by a second version in Taipei, co-curated with Jo-Shin Lee, to include further artists Chu-li Chen, Hui-Heng Lin, Chen-Ying Lu, and SUWEI from Taiwan.

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